About Me

About me:

Why is it so hard to summarize yourself in a few sentences? Anyway, my name is Inayat and I love love love to travel and see new places. This is a personal interest blog and way for me to put my thoughts into words and revamp my creative writing skills.

What’s in a name?

The name sestiere (singular) means district in Italian; it is sestieri in the plural version. On a surface level, I really like the way the word sounds but on a deeper level, I found my trip to Venice that summer really molded how I like to travel.

What is the blog about?

This blog is a way to document my travels and finds in different neighborhoods, starting in Toronto since this is where my project takes off. My aim is to capture unique attractions of a neighborhood on architecture, photography and culture. This could be new things, historic or downright conventional but I am excited to find out!

Necessary Legal Spiel a.k.a Disclosure Policy and Social Media Usage

The ideas, opinion and images on this blog are entirely my own. Please feel free to link the blog on social media platforms but please ask permission before using any images taken by me.


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