Nutella latte? Yes Please.

Among the plethora of charming coffee shops that are emerging all over the city, it is hard to keep up with the varied experiences each of them offers. Coffee culture beyond the conventional fast-paced chains has really proliferated in Toronto, where shop owners are trying to set themselves apart through the origins of their coffee beans, décor, service and much more.

La Merceria – Photo by: Inayat

A friend recommended an old favourite for me to try. On a particularly brisk and early Saturday morning, I ventured out to La Merceria, an Argentinian coffee shop located in Toronto’s fashionable King West neighbourhood. At first glance, this place is wonderfully spacious, with a home-style décor and artisanal houseware and miscellaneous items are available for purchase. A delightful mix of charm and modern.

Inside one of the ‘nooks’ Photo by: Inayat



Best of all, are the little nooks. This café is not simply a giant room but it is sectioned into smaller rooms in which one can enjoy a solo cup of coffee without feeling hurried. I immediately sensed that this is the kind of place which resurrects the slow and leisurely act of drinking a coffee without having to rush somewhere or take it to-go.

I indulged and ordered an Argentinian style ham and cheese tart served with a chimichurri sauce, accompanied by a hefty sized Nutella latte served in a mason jar mug. All of which was delicious. I was tempted to add in their speciality, the Alfajores cookie, but I thought a double-shot Nutella latte would greatly exceed my sugar threshold for the morning.

Tart and Nutella Latte – Photo by: Inayat

I really enjoyed the pace and serenity of this place and I will surely be returning to one of those corner ‘nooks’ to enjoy a book since I lack any these charming features in my own house!

Do you have a coffee shop in your neighbourhood that you simply love or a hidden gem that is your solace for a quiet cuppa joe? I would love to learn more in the comments.


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