Few of my favourite places…

I thought I would share some insights on a few of my favourite places in Toronto right now since my last post may have highlighted some negative aspects.

As a serial binger, I go through phases of loving something and then forgetting about it until something else captures my interest. It is a recurring cycle of find something new, forgetting about it and then rediscovering it.

Nonetheless, here are few of my favourite places at the moment:

Favourite Café: While it is slightly unoriginal to like a chain, I do enjoy the newly revamped Second Cup location at the intersection of John and King St.  It may not be a hipster café joint but I appreciate the wall art and the atmosphere for a  unique “Slow Bar” experience of watching your coffee brewed from scratch. Talk about successful re-branding.


PAI Restaurant – Photo By: Inayat

Favourite Restaurant: Pai – Northern Thai Cuisine. There is something terribly comforting about the cold weather that begs for a nice spicy panang curry.


Favourite Place for a Stroll: Philosopher’s Walk through the University of Toronto campus. This is truly my happy place. A leisurely and scenic stroll here can be highly therapeutic.

Philosopher's Walk
Philosopher’s Walk – University of Toronto Photo By: Inayat

Favourite Holiday Experience: Toronto has a range of holiday activities and I really enjoy the Distillery District in Toronto so I am looking forward to getting an immersive holiday experience at the Toronto Christmas Market.  Stayed tuned for an upcoming detailed post on the market!

I am interested to learn about your favourite things in Toronto right now in the comment box!


  1. i love Philosopher’s Walk – I haven’t thought of it in ages! A fun seasonal thing to do is go to the Lantern Parade in Kensington Market. I think it’s on the 21st this year.


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